Sugar Ka Ilaj- Diabetes Treatment In Urdu

There are many tips and remedies for Sugar Ka Ilaj, Sugar(diabetes) is a very common problem nowadays. Here is you find Sugar Ka Desi Ilaj for with natural things.

Sugar Ka Ilaj In Urdu

High blood sugar happens if your body can’t efficiently convey sugar from the blood into cells. When gone unchecked, this can start to diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is a fatal disease that can affect to various other health situations when it’s not handled correctly, including kidney disease, blindness, leg and foot amputations, tissue damage, and also death.

Type 2 diabetes is a totally preventable and reversible disease, and with food and lifestyle settings, you can greatly decrease your risks of getting the disease or change the condition if you’ve now been diagnosed.

Early Signs And Symptoms

The beginning symptoms and signs of type 2 diabetes can hold:

Frequent Urination

When blood sugar levels are raised, the kidneys try to push the excess sugar by cleaning it out of the blood. This can influence to a person wanting to urinate more commonly, especially at night.

Enhanced Thirst

The frequent urination that is needed to extract excess sugar from the blood can appear in the body wasting additional water. Across time, that can create dehydration and lead to a person feeling extra thirsty than normal.

Always Seeming Hungry

Woman having breakfast in the kitchen. Even hunger or thirst can be the first symptoms of type 2 diabetes. People with diabetes often do not take full energy from the diet they eat.The digestive system cuts food down into a mild sugar called glucose, which the body utilizes as fuel. In somebody with diabetes, not enough of this glucose goes from the bloodstream in the body’s cells. As an end, people with type 2 diabetes often feel continually hungry, although of how freshly they have eaten.

Feeling So Tired

Type 2 diabetes can affect a person’s energy levels and make them feel really exhausted or fatigued. This tiredness happens as a result of deficient sugar going from the bloodstream into the body’s cells.

Blurry Vision

An oversupply of sugar in the blood can destroy the little blood veins in the eyes, which can create the blurry vision. This blurry vision can happen in one or both of the eyes and may appear and run.

Late Healing Of Wounds And Injuries

High levels of sugar in the blood can harm the body’s nerves and blood veins, which can reduce blood circulation. As an end, even tiny cuts and injuries may need weeks or months to cure. Slow cut healing also enhances the chance of infection.

Sugar Ka Desi Ilaj

Here are best tips to sugar ka ilaj in urdu with natural things and there is no any side effects. Use these home remedies and tips to control and treat diabetes at home.

Sugar Ka Ilaj

Add 1 tablespoon of Fenugreek Seeds in 1 glass water and soak it overnight. Strain this water in the morning and drink it daily. You can eat this soaked seeds also.

Sugar Ka Ilaj

Take two slices of the Lady Finger and remove both ends of every Piece. Plus, put a tiny cut in the central and put those two parts in a glass of water. Pour the glass and have it at room temperature throughout the night. The first morning, before breakfast just separate two pieces of lady Finger from the glass and drink that water.

Sugar Ka Ilaj

Green chili helps to control blood sugar level in the human body. If you suffering from diabetes then ad green chili in your daily diet.

Sugar Ka Ilaj

Ginger is very helpful to control diabetes. Add some honey in ginger juice and eat it. You can eat the ginger pickle and jam also for diabetes.

Sugar Ka Ilaj

Prunes and plums are great insoluble fiber that serves to maintain blood sugar levels controls. Soluble fiber reduces the rate that food goes the stomach and, as a result, slows the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream. Soluble fiber also improves the body’s sensibility to insulin.

Sugar Ka Ilaj

Bitter gourd is very beneficial for diabetic patients. They always use it with the skin. Drink bitter gourd juice with empty stomach in the morning.

Sugar Ka Ilaj

Grewia asiatica (falsa) root is very beneficial to use in diabetes. Take 1 gram of fasla root powder with 1 glass water every morning and evening.

Sugar Ka Ilaj

If you are a diabetic patient then it is very beneficial to eat a big size of tomato with an empty stomach. It helps to control blood sugar level.

Sugar Ka Ilaj

Make a fine powder of black plum dry seeds and take 3 ml gm powder with water daily. You get rid of the diabetes problem.

Sugar Ka Ilaj

Fenugreek Leaves also very helpful to control diabetes. Take 10 gm of Fenugreek Leaves paste and mix it in with a glass of water and drink it daily. It helps to control blood sugar level.


Hope this article sugar ka ilaj is very helpful for you. You can fight this disease simply by changes in your eating habits and lifestyle. Avoid sugary and oily foods and go for a walk and exercise daily for 20 to 30 minutes daily. Stay calm and say goodbye to stress.

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