Green Tea Side Effects In Urdu | Green Tea Ke Nuksan

There are many health benefits of green tea but today we are going to discuss of some common Green Tea Side Effects In Urdu, green tea ke nuksan that you might experience if you consume excessive green tea in a day.

Green tea is known as a miracle ‘herb’ which has been loaded with many health benefits for our heart, body, skin, and hair. But excessive use of green tea may cause many problems which are not good for our health. Green tea contains bio active compounds and healing abilities which may have a good impact on our health. It can boost our metabolism that is very helpful for weight loss. But excessive use of green tea has a negative impact on our health.

Green Tea Side Effects In Urdu

  • If you use hypertension medicine then green tea is not good for you.
  • Green tea contains tannic acids when you drink green tea daily your body consume extra tannic which reduced iron that you consume from fruits and vegetable.
  • If you take excessive green tea it causes some stomach problem, acidity, and constipation.
  • If you drink more then 4 to 5 cup daily you are going overboard by caffeine and may experience green tea side effect on all over your body health like diarrhea, anxiety disorder, headache due to the upset stomach, bleeding disorder it can increase the risk of bleeding, it might increase high blood pressure.
  • It can cause calcium deficiency in our body that effect on our bone health.
  • More than 6 cups of green tea cause sleepiness.
  • It can also cause vomiting, dizziness, and loss of appetite.
  • Green tea contains caffeine, catechins, and tannic acids. The substances have a harmful impact on pregnancy risk and baby health.
  • Don’t take green tea immediately after the meal it can harmful for your stomach.
  • Never drink it on an empty stomach because it causes upset stomach and acidity.
  • It has a negative impact on baby development in the womb if pregnant women take excessive green tea because it contains EGCG.
  • Health expert and doctors always warn that it is very harmful to take more than 2 cups of green tea a day it contains a high amount of caffeine which can adversely affect our mental and physical health.
  • Over drinking of green tea can cause insomnia.
  • Overuse of green tea causing fertility problem in women that create problem in conceiving.


Hope this article clear your concept about the Green Tea Side Effects In Urdu, If you take 1 to 2 cups daily it’s good for health. But if you consume excessive green tea a day it turns bad for your health.

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