15 Latest Churidar Designs Catalogue Trend in 2019-2020

Churidar Designs Catalogue has forever in trend! They give a perfect combination of fashion, beauty, and gorgeous beauty. A classic churidar, also with its excellent color combination that suits your skin tone and glorious work, will not look ideal on you without the proper neck design/pattern.

A churidar suit is a kind of a traditional Indian & Pakistani costume. The Punjabi women ware churidars and salwar kameez as their traditional dress has seen most in India and Pakistan.

There are many designs and patterns available in the market. And you can pick it simply. A kurta with a unique neck design can change your look and build a high influence on your personality too.
The listed churidar designs catalogue provide you varieties in the neck designs that will help you to pick the best one for you.

churidar designs catalogue

Latest Churidar Designs Catalogue

In this post, you will see the popular churidar designs catalogue. Churidar is always in fashion and represents the beauty of the woman. So here we got with the pattern of the churidar neck designs for stitching.

1: Square Neck Designs For Kurtis

Square Neck is a fascinating neck design for Kurtis, looks well with palazzo pants. The pattern extends a short neck and narrows the shoulders. Ladies with a square face should not use this type of design.

square neck designs for kurtis

2: Shirt Collar Neck Design For Churidars

The collar neck style for churidar neck designs has been a fabulous trend almost since forever. It seems very elegant and has a high demand.

Shirt Collar Neck Design For Churidars

3: Neck Design With Button Row

This closed neck design with a large button row cover is a traditional vintage era design creating a comeback. Attempt this with Kurtis or salwar kameez churidar tops for a stylish casual dress that cries old-world glam.

Neck Design With Button Row

4: Crew Churidar Neck Pattern

The crew neckline is also famous as the round neckline. It is so close to the neck and adds more glam. This churidar designs catalogue is very famous. It is completely suited with either long sleeves or no sleeves it depends on your choice.

Crew Churidar Neck Pattern

5: Off Shoulder Churidar Neck

This neck design with lace normally used when winters at the end but now it converts a hit as a formal dress as well. A large neckline with lacework gives you look very stylish and modern.

Off Shoulder Churidar Neck

6: High Neck Pattern

High necks are in trend this winter. These churidar designs catalogue look beautiful and magnificent and can get in all budget types.

High Neck Pattern

7: Half Collar Neck Design For Churidars

Half collar necklines with a V-shaped front design work great for a different type of churidar suit design. You can use this with regular wear suits, working wear salwar or party wear dresses too. This neck design looks great when your salwar suit is the decor of any stones or embroidery on the neck area.

8: Short Collar Neck Design For Churidars

A ‘V’ neckline is much famous for ladies as it suits both delicate women and women of the larger bust. The depth can be changed to suit your taste, you can ad printed or plan patches and lace too to decorate around the neck area. If you have a small neck then this is the best design for you.

Short Collar Neck Design For Churidars

9: Round Neck Churidar Designs Catalogue

This is the normal neck design that can be paraded by women of all ages on nearly all events. The round neck design is till the most common type of Kurti with women using the traditional round neck Kurtis.

Round Neck Churidar Designs Catalogue

10: Heart Neck Designs Kurti Churidar

This is a change to the square shape neck design. The back of the square here narrows down to provide a little heart shape. It is great to use during common functions. This is a beautiful selection to wear if you want to enhance that particular little necklace.

Heart Neck Designs Kurti Churidar

11: Asymmetric Kurti Neck Designs:

The asymmetric design is very well famous now, particularly for designer dresses. You have several varieties and combinations of many ideas like embroidery, lacework, button work, patchwork, etc. into one Design.

Asymmetric Kurti Neck Designs

12: Angarakha Neck Design Churidar

They are a new neck design where one side of cloth overlaps on another side. This gives an elegant and stylish look to Kurti.

 Angarakha Neck Design Churidar

13: One Shoulder Neck Line Design

The neckline gives one shoulder bare to give attention to shoulders and collarbones. You can use necklaces to present its beauty. Broad-shouldered women should not use this neckline design.

One Shoulder Neck Line Design

14: Cut Shoulder With Collar Neck Designs

If you want a collar neckline for Kurtis which gives some style of cuts its own then this is the fit design. A simple neckline patch with a short collar and a cut out at shoulders ad some western touch in your dress.

Cut Shoulder With Collar Neck Designs

15: Keyhole Style Neck Designs Churidar

As its name recommends, any other neck pattern is replaced with a small hole in the fabric just look like a keyhole.

Keyhole Style Neck Designs Churidar

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